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Pelvic Potency Workshop

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Pelvic Health Workshop

Pelvic Potency Introduction/Review

This workshop explores the body’s three essential diaphragms––the pelvic diaphragm, the thoracic diaphragm, and the soft palate of the mouth––which together make up the pelvic piston.

Using the Feldenkrais Method, we will explore movements to facilitate connection and healing, particularly beneficial if you’re dealing with physical or emotional pain or have experienced trauma.

The pelvic floor is arguably the most important muscle group in the body, involved in an enormous number of internal and external movements as well as your stability. It holds your abdominal organs in place, is involved in your breathing, sexuality, childbirth, and elimination systems.

The thoracic diaphragm is the large dome-shaped muscle that helps your lungs draw in and expel air. It separates your upper body, lungs and heart from your lower body and abdominal organs. The thoracic diaphragm is intimately connected to your nervous system and can have a huge impact on your state of well-being.

The soft palate is the muscular part of the roof of your mouth. In the embryo, the jaw and the pelvis are formed at the same time and have a line of fascia connecting them.
So not only is the soft palate involved in the functionality of your jaw, it is also important for pelvic health.

This workshop will teach you to bring awareness to, and engage these potent areas of your body.

Give your body and nervous system some TLC.

Reduce stress, anxiety and chronic pain through the Feldenkrais Method.

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© 2024 Liz Page

© 2024 Liz Page